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Echo Productions is now accepting submissions for our newest project, Nostalgia: A Festival of Movement and Memory. This 1-day festival is a step towards our goal for 2020 – to explore the mental health epidemic sweeping our millennial generation through the safety of our community.  We are calling on artists to submit 5-7 minute movement pieces exploring the theme of:


A sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past. 

To submit, please e-mail a short treatment of your piece and how it applies to the theme of Nostalgia to  Additional requirements include:

  • Maximum 1-4 performers

  • Pre-recorded music

  • Movement-based with a strong narrative component


Successful applicants will receive 6 hours of rehearsal time (including 1 mentored rehearsal), along with a 1-hour tech/dress rehearsal in the performance space. 

A final note: this is a community-based project, and our goal is to reinvest directly into our community.  Echo Productions will not be turning a profit on this, and all participants should align with this goal.  Any profits generated will be held in a brand-new Artists’ Trust, which will be accessible by application once per year to an artist whose has fallen and could use a helping hand to rediscover their worth.  We would like to be as transparent about this initiative as possible, so click here for all the details.

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