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Victoria Fuller - Director

Victoria is originally from St. Johns, Newfoundland and she completed an MA in Musical Theatre Performance at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. She is also a graduate of Toronto’s Randolph Academy of Performing Arts. However, her passion for directing and teaching theatre led her to found Echo Productions in 2012. Since then she has directed 10 shows with the company including Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange (2012), Bonnie & Clyde (2016), Dog Sees God (2016), Context (2017), Echo & Narcissus (2018), and Charlie: Son of Man (2019). Victoria has also directed for the Playwrights’ Springboard, a platform for playwrights to showcase and see staged readings of their newest works. Victoria still lives a double life as a performer and she feels this helps her a great deal when creating and communicating with her actors. She is overwhelmed by the passion, love and support from this crazily talented group of people. She is so happy to be able to create art in a world where so many don't get to do so.

Kyle Duffin - Musical Director

Kyle Duffin is a songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Toronto. He has performed with such acts as Crowns for Convoy, Brian Sasaki & The Scuffed Souls, and Big Screen Kiss. He has previously worked with Echo Productions on their shows The Walk, Bonnie & Clyde, Jekyll & Hyde, Context, and Son of Man. By acting as both composer and performer for Echo Productions he can keep the music fluid and organic, and allow the works to unfold uniquely on each performance. For They're Listening, Kyle has incorporated electric drums, baritone guitar, and live looping for the score. Kyle took the blue pill and the red pill to go down the rabbit hole but also stay in bed.


Adrian Yearwood - Playwright

and as Patrick A.K.A. "Cap"

I am extraordinarily excited to be involved in this project with this incredible group of people.  The buy-in from the cast has been humbling - diving headfirst into a completely unknown show with as little information as they had was an exercise in trust that I’ll never forget.  A special thank you to my childhood friends for the memories and experiences that laid the foundation for so much of this story. And to the whole cast and crew for being truly wonderful humans whom I actually look forward to seeing multiple times a week!  Enjoy the show!

Sheri Godda as Ann A.K.A. "Herbs"

Sheri is a professional performer and educator who’s passion for youth development through the arts and sport drives her focus to do work that speaks to young people grappling with the labels placed upon them in their formative years. She is overjoyed to be back at Echo Productions, her artistic home, bringing a new Canadian work to life with such a passionate ensemble. 

Training: The School at Steppenwolf (Ensemble Training Program / Chicago, Illinois 2018),York University's Theatre: Acting Conservatory (BFA 2013).

Theatre Credits(selected): The Second City House Company (2017), Miracle On Mercer Street (The Second City 2017), Dog Sees God (Echo Productions 2016), Bonnie & Clyde (Echo Productions 2016), La Loca (Pure Carbon 2014), Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Echo Productions 2015), Crimes of the Heart (Sterling Theatre 2014), Frankenstein (Echo Productions 2014), the RESISTIBLE rise of Arturo Ui(red light district + karfiol kollective 2014).


James Karfilis as Rich A.K.A. "G.P."

James Karfilis is an actor, singer, songwriter, composer and musician from Toronto, and a graduate of Ryerson Theatre School. He has appeared in several productions with Echo, from A Clockwork Orange and Frankenstein through to Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Son of Man, and is now immensely proud and excited for the opportunity to be performing in They're Listening. As well as acting, James also writes, composes, records and performs original music in several projects as well as accompaniment for other singers and performers. You'll hear it in due time. James is extremely grateful to his family and friends for enduring love, chillness, patience, and support.

Stephen Mashalidis as Evan A.K.A. "Ev"

Stephen has been along for the ride with Echo Productions since their inception and is back to drink the Kool aid yet again. A recent graduate of the Second City Conservatory Program and writer/performer in the Best of Toronto Fringe winner Carpe into my DMs, Stephen is looking forward to marrying Echo’s trademark dark style with some comedy. Also thrilled to be announcing my debut as director of audio/visual effects - I learned how to use After Effects just for this show and I still don’t really know what I’m doing. Hope you enjoy the projections. Other credits with Echo include A Clockwork Orange (2012/2013), Frankenstein (2014), Dog Sees God (2014/2016), Bonnie & Clyde (2015/2016), Jekyll & Hyde (2015), Context (2017,2018,2019), Son of Man (2019).


Michelle Rachel as Rachel A.K.A. "D.A."

Nash is always amped to be creating exciting and relevant new work with Echo Productions. Previous credits include Context and Charlie: Son of Man (Echo), Anne of Green Gables (Thousand Islands Playhouse), Kitsault (Pucl & Price), Evil Dead: The Musical, Disenchanted, Cannibal (Starvox Ent-National tours), The Tin Forest (National Theatre of Scotland). While she has never really played a video game herself, she hears they are a fun time and assumes the vibe will be LIT.

Cora Matheson as Colleen A.K.A. "C4"

Cora is a Toronto-based actor and all-around creative who, like many creatives, no longer knows how to define herself. On stage, or in the rehearsal hall, is where she needs to be to keep her soul afloat. That being said her passion and drive for writing, producing and directing has been gaining momentum and so now, she just hopes to do it all. Cora wants to share her love of theatre with youth and is currently working toward her Artist Educator certification with Young People's Theatre. She also just finished writing her first full length play which she hopes to produce and direct in 2020. As long as she can create important and dynamic theatre with awesome people like those from Echo Productions, she knows things will be okay. Thanks Echo for having me along.


Jensen Porter as Jane A.K.A. "Feline Assassin #1"


Jensen couldn’t be more thrilled to be back with Echo Productions for the third time! She is a Toronto-based actor, dancer, creator, and graduate of the Randolph Academy (’15). From screen, to theatre, to dance festivals, Jensen has tried to dip her toes into as many creative waters as possible. She has had the opportunity to perform in the New York and Toronto International Dance Festivals, premiere a webseries (Gay Mean Girls) at TIFF Next Wave, and travel to Newfoundland with Echo (Son of Man, Context). Jensen has worked under the direction of Thomas Carter (American Gods), Robin Bicknell (Paranormal 911), Heyishi Zhang (Gay Mean Girls), Rosanna Saracino (Little Pricks, Suitcases, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead), Linda Garneau (Spring Awakening, Suitcases), and Victoria Fuller (Echo Productions). Jensen acknowledges Echo as a home plate for herself, as it’s where she gets the opportunity and freedom to combine all aspects of her creative passions with an inspiring cast and team. Thanks for letting me sip the Kool-Aid guys.

Allison Wall as Feline Assassin #2

Allison is happy to be performing in her third show with the amazing Echo Productions crew after performing in Son of Man and Context. She grew up in Vancouver where she trained in voice and dance and moved to Toronto to attend Randolph College for the Performing Arts. She loves the challenges creating and performing with Echo Productions brings and is looking forward to more opportunities with this amazing group of artists. Other credits include Heathers: The Musical (Hart House), The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins (The LOT) and The Firebird (Little Red Theatre).


Jessica Wareing as Feline Assassin #3

Jessica is a queer movement-based actor on both stage and screen. A recent York University graduate (‘18), she has been working mainly in film since graduation, and is so excited to be back in the theatre and to perform for a live audience. She is currently training with Rapier Wit as an actor-combatant and is trained in The Batdorf Technique. This is her first time with Echo and she feels immensely lucky to get to work with such inspiring and driven artists, and is so grateful to have been welcomed in to the family. The kool-aid tastes amazing!

Sydney Laforme as Feline Assassin #4

Sydney is super psyched to be working with Echo again. She is a Toronto-based performer, director and designer with a focus on movement-based work. She is a graduate of the Randolph College for the Performing Arts. Syd was last seen as Hera in Echo’s Echo and Narcissus.   Recent credits include ARTSTAR!!! (BCPA/Nuit Blanche), Be Kind, Rewind (Johnston/Wilde), Untiled Intervention 1 (RCPA/ROM), Alex in Wonderland (Solar Stage).


Technical Director: Lynda Yearwood

Promotional Media and Photography: Samantha Falco

Audio/Visual Digital Media Director: Stephen Mashalidis

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